Get rid of them altogether

There are no women – women don’t exist – it’s all been a misunderstanding. There are people, and there are men, and there are trans women – but there are no women.

The word “woman” could be erased from specialist NHS clinics dealing with female health issues under proposed new transgender inclusivity rules.

That should improve health care for women (for what?) out of all recognition.

A report proposing new NHS treatment guidelines in Scotland suggests “a general move away from gendered healthcare” and warns that trans people are put off attending services if they are targeted at a certain sex.

Are women put off if services are not targeted at a specific sex? Could such a policy mislead or confuse women? If so would that matter? Do women matter at all?

It states that trans men may feel “really uncomfortable” if they have to attend a “women’s health clinic” for services such as contraception or cancer screening programmes.

And we can’t have that, so we’ll pretend that women just don’t exist, and refer to them as owners of body parts.

The Scottish NHS has previously been criticised for omitting references to women from public health campaigns and instead using terms such as “people who menstruate”.

A Scottish Government-backed advice leaflet designed to teach young people about periods referred to “those of us that have both our ovaries and a womb”.

Which is already confusing. Does it mean a womb and both ovaries? Or a womb and one or two ovaries? Who knows? They introduce a pointless ambiguity in the rush to be inclooosive.

The report states: “Systems within NHS Scotland need to allow for increasing gender identities for patients, specifically including non-binary identities. This should be done as part of a general move away from gendered healthcare.

“Transgender individuals may be uncomfortable seeking reproductive health care or contraception when the services’ ‘target audience’ is advertised in a way that is incongruent to their gender identity (eg a transman may be really uncomfortable attending “women health clinic” for a coil or for a cervical smear).”

Therefore, for the sake of that petulant narcissistic pretend-man, all women have to be concealed from NHS language. Where did all the adults go???

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