Guest post: What are the keystone gender norms?

Originally a comment by Laurent on Scoop: more men running for office!

We’re all non-binary.

I keep struggling with gender stereotypes themselves, and the whole issue clearly doesn’t clarify at all.

I really wonder what are the keystone gender norms that apply to the binary as a general inalienable truth, that almost everyone would acknowledge is actually what historically defines gender at core and still applies mostwhere, if possible independently of secondary cultural norms.

What I get is that it is not about lifestyle at all.

Men -. I was about to write down “none”, but admittedly there is one norm that became quite exceptional but may make an unexpected come-back in the future: obligation to go to war and serve the country.


– shut up, smile, be nice

– much less safety outside of home

– have kids (and take charge) (husband is a special kid with special needs)

– housekeeping & home management

– paygap, way fewer career opportunities, way fewer opportunities at large

Claiming non-binarity is not doing anything to change that.

Disclaimer: I am not claiming exhaustivity, I was aiming for defining core. Does not imply feeling fine about it neither.

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