Scoop: more men running for office!

That’s not representation.

Representation of women is so important, especially, one would hope, if you’re the National Organization for Women.

The reporting on this is so moronic, and so dishonest, it doesn’t qualify as reporting at all – it’s more like lying to the readers. The Post drivels like any barely adult “trans ally” squealing about pronouns.

In 2017, former journalist Danica Roem made history when she was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates, making her the first out transgender state legislator in the United States. 

A man was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. Where’s the history?

This is where the “trans” label comes in so handy, of course, but at the price of sounding like (and being) a complete idiot. First out transgender state legislator, but not first man. He’s a man, so he can’t “make history” by being the first man elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. How sad. What do do? Call yourself trans! Suddenly you’re a first, and an embattled minority, and a fighter of Karens.

As of July, the Victory Fund reports that 55 trans candidates are running for office, alongside 20 gender nonconforming candidates, 18 nonbinary candidates and four Two-Spirit candidates.

Notice that you can’t tell if there are any women at all. That’s not an accident. Also notice how stupid and childish it sounds. That probably is an accident but by god they’re stuck with it.

The Washington Post spoke to three trans and nonbinary candidates about why they’re running — and why it matters.

No. The Post spoke to two trans and one nonbinary. They’re not all three both trans and nonbinary.

For Zooey Zephyr of Missoula, Mont., the tipping point came in 2021 — the year the state legislature passed three anti-LGBTQ bills in a single week. Those laws included one that explicitly bans trans girls from competing on female sports teams and another that prevents trans people from updating their birth certificates if they have not undergone gender-affirming surgery.

The bills are not anti-LGBTQ. Even if you think they’re anti-trans, they’re not anti-LGB. Q doesn’t mean anything. Journalists just will not report this crap accurately.

“I remember thinking, if I were in that room, I could have changed that heart. I could have been the difference there,” said Zephyr, a 33-year-old trans woman who manages the curriculum and program review process at the University of Montana.

Ok so there’s one of the three: a man. The Post is doing somersaults because a man is running for office. Golly-gee.

Next up:

Tucked into Oklahoma state Rep. Mauree Turner’s backpack is a copy of one of the first pieces of legislation they drafted. According to Turner, when they presented the bill to one of their colleagues in the statehouse, he returned it to Turner with “some suggestions.”

The last two years in the Oklahoma Capitol have been a “wild ride” for Turner, a Democratic state representative who made history on multiple counts when they were elected in 2020: They were the first Muslim elected to state office and the first out nonbinary legislator in the entire country.

I haven’t been able to find what sex Turner is. The Post doesn’t say and Google was coy about it too. Could be an actual woman then.

What difference does it make that Turner is “non-binary”? Why is it exciting that Turner is a first? Would it be exciting to be the first candidate with red hair? What does calling oneself “non-binary” have to do with anything?

The slogan for Turner’s 2022 campaign is a phrase popularized by disability activists: “Nothing about us without us,” which speaks to the idea that policy should be decided by the people most affected by it. It’s the kind of community-focused approach to government that Turner believes will lead to real change.

But what does that mean? Turner will be deciding on policy that affects non-binary people? But what policy would that be? When non-binary doesn’t mean anything?

Third and final “first”:

Leigh Finke, 41, had already decided to run for office when she heard about the baseless claims coming from some Minnesota Republicans this past April.

“She heard” – so we’re talking about a man, right?

Finke, a multimedia storyteller with the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota, is running to represent District 66A in the Minnesota House of Representatives. If elected, she would be the first out trans state legislator in Minnesota, a state widely considered among the most LGBTQ-friendly in the Midwest. In 1993, it was the first state to enact a law banning discrimination against trans people.

A man.

So the Washington Post is pissing itself with excitement that two men and a possible woman who calls herself [or himself] “non-binary” are running for office, and the National Organization for WOMEN is joining in.

I’m not seeing what’s so exciting.

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