How does he think climate change affects children?

Jordan Peterson thinks talking about climate change is very bad for children. I wonder what he thinks escalating climate change is going to be for them.

He explained about climate change on Joe Rogan’s chat show a few months ago. Word is his explanation wasn’t all that correct.

Leading climate scientists have ridiculed and criticised comments made by controversial Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson during an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

During a new four-hour interview on Spotify’s most popular podcast, Peterson – who is not an expert on climate change – claimed that models used to forecast the future state of the climate couldn’t be relied on.

Ok so he’s not an expert on climate change but he is the smartest human who’s ever lived, so it comes to the same thing.

But climate scientists have described Peterson’s comments as “stunningly ignorant” and said he had fundamentally misunderstood the concept of climate modelling.

Dr Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick, a climate scientist at the University of New South Wales Canberra, said Peterson’s description of how climate models work was fundamentally wrong. While weather forecasts do become less accurate the further out they go, this was a different process to climate modelling. He seems to think we model the future climate the same way we do the weather. He sounds intelligent, but he’s completely wrong.”

He can’t be. He was on the Joe Rogan podcast. Obviously he can’t be wrong.

Prof Christian Jakob, a climate modelling expert at Monash University, said Peterson’s comments were “ill-informed” and that he’d “mixed up weather prediction with climate projections.

“People are entitled to their opinions, but science and climate modelling isn’t about opinion. If you’re not well informed about how something is done then it’s not right to make comments about it on a large platform.”

Especially when the something is as urgent as climate change. Peterson is like a guy telling people to walk in front of a moving locomotive.

It’s very like the Tucker Carlson situation. These guys do their performances for ratings and fame and $$$, and they don’t care if the world burns.

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