Inclusive of everyone except you

Erase erase erase erase.

Menopause is for everyone.

The NHS has ditched the terms ‘women’ and ‘woman’ from its menopause guidance, despite ministers promising to crack down on woke gender-free language in medical advice.

Now MailOnline has found ‘women’ and ‘woman’ have also been omitted from official advice about the menopause, which is unique to biological females.

In its online overview about the menopause, NHS advice used to contain six gender-specific mentions. But it was updated on May 17 to remove the terms.

Experts have warned de-gendering medical advice could be dangerous for women by over-complicating vital health messaging.

NHS Digital, which manages health information webpages, told MailOnline it wanted to ensure language was ‘inclusive’.

One, the goal of health information is to inform, as clearly and fully as possible.

Two, being “inclusive” by removing the word “women” from health information for women is the opposite of inclusive.

A spokesperson added: ‘The NHS website provides information for everyone. We keep the pages under continual review to ensure they use language that is inclusive, respectful and relevant to the people reading it.’ 

Oh fuck off. It’s not inclusive to exclude women from health information that applies to women only. It’s not respectful to exclude women from health information for women. It’s not relevant to exclude women from health information for women. Use your god damn brains.

The NHS has quietly omitted the terms 'women' and 'woman' from its webpage on menopause. Pictured here is the older version of the menopause overview page (May 16) which mentioned women six times
But the new version omits women from the overview entirely. Experts have warned women could be disadvantaged by de-gendered medical advice confusing health messaging

The word “women” is replaced by “you” throughout. That’s stupid and childish as well as insulting and dangerous.

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