Neck collars and a cage in the basement

Not our crimes.

A transgender woman was sentenced Friday to 25 years in prison for forcing the 7-year-old daughter she fathered to participate in child pornography.

The 7-year-old daughter HE fathered. It’s a man’s crime.

Marina Volz, 32, of Franklin, was sentenced, along with three others, by Superior Court Judge Peter Tober for their roles in running a child pornography production company in their Coburn Lane home in Franklin Township.

Assistant Somerset County Prosecutor Brian Stack told the judge that the quartet was a “vortex of darkness” that “snuffed out” the girl who was taken from her mother in Oregon to New Jersey to be in the child pornography.

Imagine that poor child’s life there.

While not delving into the details of the crime, Tober said it involved neck collars, a cage in the basement, sex toys and other devices.

A horror movie, in other words. Silence of the Lambs but worse.

Volz, Romero and Allen operated what they described as a “family-owned transgender pornography production studio specializing in amateur, BDSM and taboo fetish content” from the residence.

Romero and Allen jointly sexually assaulted the child and filmed the assault, the video of which was recovered from multiple electronic items within the home.

But it was transgender pornography, so maybe it should be considered inclusive rather than criminal and sadistic?

I grew up just inside the Somerset County line. No transgender porn around. I was lucky.

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