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Cannon rules Trump lawyers don’t have to clarify claims on Mar-a-Lago documents

Judge Aileen M. Cannon told Donald Trump’s lawyers Thursday that they did not need to comply with an order from special master Raymond J. Dearie and state in a court filing whether they believe FBI agents lied about documents seized from the former president’s Florida residence.

Thursday’s ruling was the first clash between Cannon, a Trump appointee who has generally shown the former president deference in litigation over the Mar-a-Lago investigation [YA THINK???], and Dearie, a federal judge she appointed as an outside expert in the case, who appears to be far more skeptical of Trump.

Dearie last week told the former president’s legal team that they couldn’t suggest in court filings that the government’s description of the seized documents — including whether they were classified — was inaccurate without providing any evidence. He ordered them to submit to the court by Oct. 7 any specific inaccuracies they saw in the government’s inventory list of seized items.

It would have been a key test of Trump’s legal strategy, as his lawyers decided whether to back up Trump’s controversial public claims that the FBI planted items at his residence and that he had declassified all the classified documents before leaving office — or whether they would take a more conciliatory approach.

But according to Cannon, who has the authority to overrule Dearie’s orders, such a decision is not required right now.

Judge Fixy McFixface has done Trump’s bidding.

She also said Trump could have weeks more time than Dearie had allowed.

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Updating to add the quick and dirty version:

Cannon: Shut up. He doesn’t have to answer your stupid questions. You don’t even go to this school.

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