No tell us what you really think

Why do women keep banging on about misogyny, eh? I just can’t figure it out.

I don’t have a settled opinion about Meghan Markle. There are too many conflicting accounts, and I’m not interested enough to delve into them all. But I very definitely do have a settled opinion about men writing in widely-read newspapers about wanting to see a particular woman dragged naked through the streets while people throw shit at her. Yes I do indeed. In fact his writing this has helped me out a good deal with the conflicting accounts: if people think stuff like this about her, and the Sun is happy to publish it, then maybe she and Harry haven’t been exaggerating all that much.

This is related to that thing I was saying the other day about gut-level fear around angry men. If this is how they talk about us in public…yeah that’s scary shit.

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