Provincial entertainment

Lord of the Flies in Lancs:

Children as young as 11 have been subjected to brutal attacks by teenagers in a Lancashire town – with the assaults filmed and shared on social media.

Victims’ mothers say police aren’t doing enough to stop the group and have taken matters into their own hands.

They shared the videos with the BBC and urged showing them.

The videos show children being dragged to the ground – squealing and crying out as they try to shield their heads from kicks and punches. Voices of others can be heard, off-camera, egging-on the attackers.

Filming such violence and humiliation, and then sharing it online, has become known by the term “patterning” – with the aim of embarrassing victims even further by forwarding the videos across the web.

One woman called the police while her daughter was being beaten up, and nothing happened.

It’s a depressing story. It’s not clear whether the police don’t have enough people to deal with the problem, or don’t think it’s serious, or don’t care, or what, but it’s a depressing story whatever the reasons are.

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