Robust and humorous

Ok I made it back to yesterday morning at the tribunal without interrupting myself again. They started with a discussion of company policy on social media – it was quite common for employees to be Outspoken on Twitter.

Senior researchers get to be robust and humorous on social media so policing Maya would be…odd. They talk about that at some length.

BC=Ben Cooper QC, Maya’s lawyer. AG=Angela Glassman a GDC executive.

Lordy. How can she “not understand that”? How can anyone? Of course it’s “offensive” to try to force women to call ourselves “cis” women. It assumes there’s another kind, and it assumes we’re a subset of our own category. Imagine CGD is full of people who “identify as” Angela Glassman, so she is told to refer to herself as “cis Amanda Glassman” while the others are “trans Amanda Glassman.” I doubt she would find that entirely innocuous.

Applies across the board, doesn’t it. There’s no way any of us can talk about this without team trans finding it offensive.

Hahahaha exactly.

They go back and forth on workplace v social media. She can say it, but she can’t say it, but she can, but it’s on social media, but the workplace, but she can, but she can’t.

Sigh. AG says she doesn’t understand the distinction between reality and feelings. Sigh.

Compare for instance that item just today, about the trans woman suing an assisted living facility for women for rejecting his application. If he wins the women at that facility will lose their safety, dignity, and security.

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