The Guam High girls rugby team

Meanwhile in Guam –

The High School Rugby League season got underway Saturday, but not without incident.

Word quickly spread around the island’s sports community about a transgender athlete playing for the Guam High girls rugby team. The Panthers had three matches against the Tiyan Titans, Academy Cougars and ND Royals.

There again, it needs to be spelled out. It’s implied, but it needs to be spelled out. There was a boy playing for the Guam High School girls rugby team.

“I was shocked to discover that a male player from Guam High School was on the field charging through my female players with nearly no resistance, imposing injuries along the way,” said Tiyan head coach and long-time rugby advocate Conrad Kerber.

Cheating, innit. An advantage for one girls’ team, but unfair and dangerous for the other team.

Despite the safety concerns, Kerber respects the freedom of choice on identifying one self.

Yeah we all do. That’s personal, and it’s no one else’s business, and knock yourself out. We don’t care about that. We don’t care about your fist until it makes contact with our face.

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