Casual observers

Now let’s read the insulting sexist dude’s piece about how women need to shut up and go away while the men say how much women’s sport they can have.

Given the urgent call-to-arms from select activists and politicians, casual observers could be forgiven for thinking Australian sport is about to be swamped by transgender athletes seeking to exploit any advantage they can on the playing fields of women’s sport.

No they couldn’t. Never mind about “swamped”; there’s no good reason women should be expected to put up with any men in women’s sports.

Liberal senator Claire Chandler has been at the vanguard of a movement she insists is designed to protect the fairness and integrity of female competition. 

Gee, I wonder why she insists that. Maybe because it’s true?

Her private member’s bill, which has the support of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, has re-emerged as a talking point off the back of a series of major international stories centred on the performance of transgender athletes in elite sport.

Foul! Evasive, dishonest. Not “transgender athletes,” as he knows perfectly well; men who are or claim to be trans and want to invade women’s sports.

Experts have questioned the effectiveness of blanket policy as a blunt instrument of change across a complicated and evolving field.

Blah blah blah. It’s not complicated. The instrument is no more “blunt” than it ever was. Just don’t allow men to invade women’s sports, no matter how they identify.

He then says the same thing over again, in more words.

Later he talks about the difference between elite sport and community sport.

“What we need to remember is when we are talking about community sport, we are talking about someone wanting to go down to the local tennis club or play a social netball game. The people not wanting that to happen are literally not wanting trans people to exist in a sporting environment,” says Ryan Storr, who co-founded Proud2Play, the peak LGBTIQ+ body for engagement in sport in Victoria.

But nobody does not want that to happen. For the millionth time: the issue is men competing against women. The goal is not No Trans People in Sport, it’s male trans people staying out of women’s sport at least at the elite level. It may matter less in community sport, but even there you can have mixed or all-women’s, and I think it should be up to the women if they want to include men. I don’t think it’s Phil Lutton’s call whether they should be forced to put up with it or not.

“Trying to ban someone from community sport, it does not sit anywhere in terms of legal aspects. It’s purely ideological.”

Again: issue is not banning, issue is which sex. It’s not “ideological” it’s physical.

Storr remains frustrated at the hysteria being encouraged by the issue becoming a political one in Australia, especially when the policy bedrock is already so strong, and insists women’s sport has far greater issues at hand, most of which receive little widespread coverage.

There it is. Women made crazy by the uterus. They should be locked up.

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