We we we we we

Still pretending it’s not just Jo and his ego.

Seriously, who is this “we”? Why does he keep pretending when there is no “we” in evidence? If it’s a “we” why does no one else ever speak up as part of the “we”? Why is not a single name other than Jolyon’s ever mentioned? How is he getting away with this absurd charade?

If it were true that other people are involved, wouldn’t it be his obligation when boasting of the project’s accomplishments to hand out credit to the other people involved? By name? Instead of hogging 100% of the limelight himself? Why do grownup news organizations take this Harvey seriously?

It’s bizarre. It’s bizarre the same way the trans ideology is bizarre – the spectacle of people just rolling over for an obvious fraud and imposition. Bizarre like the emp’s new duds.

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