Where anyone can see

It’s always surprising and alarming to see academics this pugnaciously dogmatic in enforcing belief in absurd fictions. The belief itself is ridiculous, like believing in flying elephants or talking snakes, and the rudeness and contempt with which the belief is asserted is unbecoming to anyone and appalling in an academic.

“Fascists.” Because we understand that men are not women.

And she can’t defend her claim.

“I can’t hear you, lalalalalalalalala.” Grown-up academic, teaches at an actual university.

When she does hear it’s even worse.

My point exactly. I’ve learned to expect this kind of crap from very young random ideologues on Twitter, but I can never not be surprised to see it from people with academic reputations to protect. This Yvette Russell sounds like Rhys McKinnon on crack.

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