Wrong sort

Wrong sort of lesbians, wrong sort of women, wrong sort altogether – must not be allowed to say no to men.

An academic and gay rights campaigner has claimed critics of Nicola Sturgeon’s transgender reforms are being “excluded from the political process” in Scotland after she was blocked from joining a Holyrood LGBT group.

Dr Shereen Benjamin said that she was viewed as “the wrong sort of lesbian” after MSPs and pro-trans rights lobbyists unanimously decided to refuse her membership of a Scottish Parliament forum, which she said she had wanted to join to find common ground with opponents.

The right sort of lesbian is a male one, and the only slightly less right sort is the fan of the male one. Male lesbians and allies of male lesbians are welcome; real lesbians with a concern for women’s rights are very unwelcome indeed.

It’s bizarre, really, how taken for granted it is the the T belongs with the LGB when in fact it’s the opposite of the LGB. The T expects the L and the G to look right past sex and pay attention only to the detachable accessories of sex – and all this half an hour or so after the L and the G finally succeeded in getting some rights and protections.

Last December, she applied to join the Scottish Parliament’s cross-party LGBTI+ group as a representative of For Women Scotland, one of the most prominent grassroots campaign groups, which opposes SNP plans to overhaul the Gender Recognition Act.

But nooooooooo – we can’t have a lesbian feminist on the “LGBTI+” group; that would never do.

At the previous meeting of the group, set up in 2016 to “promote and discuss issues of importance to the LGBTI+ community in Scotland”, members had backed the idea of hearing from more “women’s sector” groups.

“It seems the only lesbians the Scottish Parliament wants to work with are those who deny the materiality of sex. As same-sex attracted women, it appears that we’re the ‘wrong sort of lesbians’ and can be excluded from the political process, with no reason given.”

It’s the same-sex part. That used to be because of homophobia, but now it’s…um…Perfect Enlightenment.

The meeting, which saw Ms Benjamin’s application turned down, was attended by seven MSPs and 26 others, including representatives of Stonewall, the Equality Network and Scottish Trans, which are outspoken supporters of the SNP plans.

Stonewall is there to keep the lesbians out. Bitches.

At least three of the non-MSPs in attendance have shared a cartoon image online which links For Women Scotland, which formed in 2018, with the Ku Klux Klan.

What cartoon?

This one:

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