Comply or else

You will repeat the lie or you will be punished.

Queen’s University orders every single person on campus to comply with transgender names and pronouns or face punishment

Queen’s University Belfast has toughened up its code of conduct so that refusing to recognise someone’s self-declared gender is now a “zero tolerance” disciplinary matter. Specifically, the university’s new code demands that both staff and students use whatever name and pronouns an individual demands. Failure to do so is now treated as bullying and / or harassment.

It also applies to anyone who makes “derogatory” jokes about transgenderism.

All jokes are derogatory. There shall be no joking.

This new code covers not just staff and students but anybody who sets foot on campus, including outside contractors like cleaners, caterers, and suppliers, and anyone hired by them. This means if a building firm was hired to do repairs at Queen’s, and then hired a subcontractor to supply scaffolding, that subcontractor would be bound by the code of conduct too.

If, for example, this hypothetical scaffolder were then to encounter a 7ft tall, balding, bearded student who demanded to be referred to as a female, they would be under an obligation to accept that person’s declared gender identity without question, despite not even having signed a contract with Queen’s.

Well, except what could Queen’s do to them? Surely nothing? It can do things to students and employees, but not to outsiders.

But who knows, maybe they’ll just start flogging people. It will be nostalgic.

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