Genner idenniny in schools

The CBC tells us:

N.B. reviews gender-identity policy in schools as supporters accuse minister of caving to anti-LGBTQ pressure

But of course it could be just pressure not to promote trans ideology, as opposed to pressure to hate anti-lesbian gay bi trans queer people. In other words “anti-LGBTQ” is probably a misnomer.

The Higgs government in New Brunswick says it is rethinking its policy on sexual orientation and gender identity in schools because of a backlash against the guidelines.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development confirmed it’s reviewing the policy, designed to support gay, lesbian and trans youth, “after hearing concerns and misunderstandings of its implementation.”

The review was already underway before Education Minister Bill Hogan distanced himself and his department from a recent sexual orientation and gender identity learning session for teachers.

See…this is the problem. What is a “gender identity learning session”? What is “gender identity”? It’s scary that teachers are being taught about “gender identity,” because there’s so much tendentious misinformation on the subject floating around. How can anyone have any confidence that teachers are not being taught bullshit?

Sexual orientation isn’t like that. It’s not spooky. It’s not magic that some people are attracted to their own sex instead of the other one. It was taboo for a long time, but it’s never depended on weird supernatural claims.

But that gets tidily obscured by lumping them all together as LGBTQ. I have to wonder what Canadian teachers are being taught about what Q is, too.

In a new statement, spokesperson Morgan Bell said the Education Department does not “condone the tactics that were directed at our teachers and we will always ensure human rights are protected.”

She said the implementation of Policy 713 “revealed instances where the policy is perhaps too broad and/or unclear” and that was the reason for the review.

The policy, in effect since 2020, lays out minimum requirements for school districts to create a safe, welcoming learning environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex and two-spirited students. 

Why aren’t they also learning how to create a safe, welcoming learning environment for witches, fairies, gremlins, extra-terrestrials, dragons, ghosts, sprites, elves, angels, devils, goblins, flying horses, und so weiter?

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