He can’t see a way back for the naughty woman

Why the Australian Liberal Party expelled Moira Deeming:

The Victorian Liberal leader, John Pesutto, says he can’t see a way back into the party for controversial MP Moira Deeming, after her colleagues voted to expel her from their party room.

Liberal MPs voted 19 to 11 to expel Deeming during a two-hour party room meeting on Friday morning, meaning she will have to serve the remaining three-and-a-half years of her term on the crossbench of the upper house of the Victorian parliament.

Her ally, upper house MP Renee Heath, who accused Pesutto of bullying last week, was also stripped of her party secretary position in a separate motion.

No bullying here, no siree!

The expulsion motion was put forward by five MPs – Roma Britnell, Wayne Farnham, Matthew Guy, Cindy McLeish and James Newbury – who alleged Deeming was “bringing discredit” on the parliamentary team by threatening legal action against Pesutto.

But Pesutto is not bringing discredit on the parliamentary team by bullying Deeming? They’re confident about that are they?

Deeming had survived an earlier expulsion push six weeks ago, put forward by Pesutto, after she spoke at an anti-trans rally that was gatecrashed by neo-Nazis, who performed the Sieg Heil salute on the front steps of parliament.

But “anti-trans” is a dishonest and malicious label for the rally and the concerns that motivated the rally. Letting women speak is “anti-trans” only if the cheerleaders for trans ideology are trying to prevent women from speaking. The rally was not an “anti-trans” rally, it was a LET WOMEN SPEAK rally. Calling it “anti-trans” is a sneaky way of nudging people to think the gender resistance wants to persecute trans people. We don’t want to persecute trans people, we want to defend and retain our own god damn rights.

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