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The Telegraph has a long piece on what it calls Whitehall’s woke training regime.

Some of it is about what I would call anti-racism training and the rest is about gender bullshit.

Staff in Government departments are being taught about gender ideology, which affirms the idea that people can choose their gender, while those with legally protected gender critical beliefs, who believe that you cannot change your biological sex, say they are bullied into silence.

Instead of clearing backlogs from the pandemic, staff are spending work time on attending lectures on LGBT+ issues or watching videos telling them biological men can use women-only facilities if they self-identify as female.

In one department, staff shared a “30 days of Pride” calendar, with daily videos and articles on topics including “transgender children” and “the history of the Stonewall riot”, that contained six hours of content.

To be clear, I don’t think it’s inherently bad to give people in civil service jobs training in the need to give everyone equal treatment before the law, which could include pointing out obstacles to doing that, which could include noting entrenched prejudices imbibed from the broader culture. Civil servants should not be treating some people as inferiors, and it could be the case that training helps eliminate that problem.

On the other hand I don’t think this should mean training in treating a small minority of people as magical saints with special magic genders.

Workers in government departments are also being bombarded with material about white privilege and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Like that for instance. I don’t think it’s bad for UK civil servants to be told there is such a thing as white privilege in the UK. Remember India? The slave trade? Stuff like that?

But it doesn’t follow that telling civil servants India Willoughby and Emily Bridges are among The Most Marginalized people on earth is a good idea.

The MoJ’s Gender Equality Network, one of a myriad of groups within the Civil Service set up by staff to discuss subjects such as diversity, circulated a newsletter in July 2022 to its members that discussed gender identity, pronouns and non-binary people.

The newsletter said: “Depending on the culture, people who identify as other genders have been associated with sacred powers, spirituality and are thought to be blessings to the family and community they are born into.

“Many North American Indigenous tribes had no constructs of gender and embraced its fluidity before colonisation.

“In many societies, the gender binary is a product and tool of colonialism and white supremacy.”

That’s fatuous propaganda, but notice the Telegraph doesn’t say it’s part of the training. It’s from a newsletter. There are probably a lot of newsletters flying around the Civil Service with some kind of bullshit in them. What’s the betting most civil servants just drop them straight into the recycle bin?

So, the Telegraph thing is interesting, but read it with caution.

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