Significant recommendations

Stonewall is in a lather.

The UK’s national human rights institution, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), has completely failed to engage with significant recommendations given to it for improvement to their governance and conduct, and is instead doubling down on its attempts to roll back trans rights and to seek trans people’s exclusion from public life, a coalition of leading LGBTQ+ charities has warned.

But of course the all too familiar question immediately arises – how are you defining trans rights?

Being Stonewall, they are of course defining trans rights as doing whatever they want all the time, which unfortunately clashes with the rights of other people, in particular women, lesbians, gay men, children, teenagers…quite a lot of kinds of people, really.

And of course the EHRC is not seeking the exclusion of trans people from public life.

…the EHRC has escalated attempts to undermine the long-established rights of trans people in the UK, most notably in April when it sent a letter to the Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch on the merits of redefining the term ‘sex’ in the Equality Act to make it clear that trans people would no longer be protected. 

Again: how are we using “protected”?

Trans people can have rights (aka can be protected by the Equality Act) even without being “validated” as the sex they’re not in all circumstances. It’s not a “right” to falsify one’s sex on all occasions for all purposes. That can’t be a right, for the simple and sad reason that one sex is potentially a threat to the other. The two sexes aren’t on an equal footing when it comes to physical safety, bodily integrity, freedom – little items like that. Men can impregnate women against their will; that fact all by itself is enough to make it clear that no, men cannot be treated as women at all times by all people no matter what.

Such a change, if it [were] implemented by the UK Government on EHRC’s recommendation, would make it impossible for trans people to live their day to day lives safely and with dignity…

Note Stonewall’s indifference to women’s ability to live their day to day lives safely and with dignity.

Nancy Kelley, Chief Executive of Stonewall, (she/her) said: ‘The EHRC’s recommendations over the past year are extraordinary, in that they are designed to promote the exclusion of trans people, in particular trans women, from everyday public spaces.’

No, they’re not. That’s just the usual Stonewall lie. They’re designed to prevent the invasion of women’s everyday public spaces by men who are or claim to be trans women.

Women have rights too.

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