Six more months for the lady

Trump in a Louis XIV wig.

From the Mirror:

An inmate groped two prison officers while they served her food in her cell, after being locked up for sexually assaulting a nurse.

Katana Paris who identifies as a woman, assaulted the male and female staff members at HMP Forest Bank in Salford last year. The female officer was serving Paris, 27, breakfast with the help of two inmates. Paris walked towards her and touched her inappropriately.

The following day, while being served lunch by a male prison officer, she reached through the hatch in her cell door and grabbed his genitals. Paris, who was part way through serving a three-year sentence at the time for sexual assaulting a nurse, admitted two counts of sexual assault. At Manchester Crown Court, she was handed a six-month sentence to be added to her prison time.

The Mirror is scrupulously careful not to misgender this friendly man.

Prosecuting, Megan Edwards said that on the day of the incident, a female prison officer was on breakfast duty at around 7.50am. “She approached the defendant’s cell and unlocked the door in order to serve her breakfast,” Mrs Edwards said. “She stepped out of the cell, which was unusual, as prisoners would normally remain in their cell.

“She asked the defendant to move back, but the request was ignored. The defendant then placed a hand on her hand, before sliding her fingers between her knuckles.” The officer moved away and the two prisoners helping gave Paris with her breakfast. She then ‘jumped up and down like she was excited’, before moving over to the woman and touching her genitals.

She 1 and she 2, there. She 1 approached the defendant’s cell, she 2 stepped out of the cell and grabbed she 1 by the crotch.

Anyway. Just another fun incident in the long game of Gender Surprise.

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