Certifying is all


50 seconds in, Jardine: “We are not talking about people who call themselves women, we are looking at people who have transitioned and who are legally women, now that’s a different situation.”

No it isn’t. Legally it is, yes, but in this case it’s because the law is deeply fucked up. For a woman facing a naked man in her changing room it is not “a different situation.”

Male host at 3:15: “Someone who is self-certified as being a woman, you say that person cannot go into a women’s prison, is that what you said?”

Jardine, eyes turned up to the ceiling in irritation: “I said, someone who has transitioned, who has a certificate -“

Male host: “What does that mean?” Jardine: “Can you let me finish please?” Male host yields. Jardine continues: “Someone who has transitioned, who is, who is a woman legally, has been um certified as a woman not by me but by those who are certifying can go into a women’s prison -“

Female host tries to ask what that means and there’s a torrent of talking over each other again.

Anyway, tragically, we know what that means. It means what it appears to mean. As long as the People Who Are Certifying have done their Certifying, then a man gets to pretend to be a woman and thrust himself into places that are reserved for women as much as he likes and the women can’t do a god damn thing about it. The fact that it’s ludicrous to claim that “certifying” can transform men into women is beside the point, aka shut up, bitches.

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