Issa biological issue

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Oh Jeeezus christ.

This is just reducing a really serious issue to –

Interviewer tells him to answer the question.

Well look, everybody knows there’s a difference between sex and gender, and I absolutely understand that, and respect that, we will not be going down the road of self-identification –

Interviewer asks “Are trans women women?”

Well look Harry –

Interviewer says “It’s a fair comment, it’s a fair question.”

Look…forrrrrrr…as you well know, the overwhelming majority of women, it’s a biological issue, it’s an issue that is absolutely central

Interviewer interjects with something about percentages.

There are some people, there’s a small number of people in this country who are born into a gender they don’t identify with.

End of clip.

Yo, sir, what if there’s a small number of people in this country who identify as Keir Starmer? You gonna let them all sleep in your bed with you?

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