Send cash, he’s down to his last 500 million

Trump admits – or rather brags – that he has the money. He just doesn’t want to spend it. He wants other people to do that, like the many gullible people who respond to his pleas for cash for his “campaign” (his campaign to make everyone else pay his expenses, that would be).

Former President Donald Trump claimed early Friday morning that he has “almost” $500 million in cash, undercutting his lawyers’ claims that he would not be able to comply with the $464 million judgment against him and his co-defendants in the civil fraud case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

You’d think he wouldn’t want to claim that, seeing as how he is at the same time demanding $$$ from his gullible fan base.

“Through hard work, talent, and luck, I currently have almost five hundred million dollars in cash, a substantial amount of which I intended to use in my campaign for president,” Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social in all caps. “The often overturned political hack judge on the rigged and corrupt A.G. case, where I have done nothing wrong, knew this, wanted to take it away from me, and that’s where and why he came up with the shocking number which, coupled with his crazy interest demand, is approximately $454,000,000.”

Therefore, kindly send me cash now. Hurry up.

Trump hasn’t contributed any of his own money to his presidential campaigns since 2016. He had floated in 2020 that he’d personally spend what it took to win re-election, but did not do so.

Earlier this week, Trump’s presidential campaign asked his supporters for money in a fundraising memo, which said, “Insane radical Democrat AG Letitia James wants to SEIZE my properties in New York. THIS INCLUDES THE ICONIC TRUMP TOWER!”

Rich crook tells people to donate money to him.

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