LGBT toddlers

Grooming much?

Scottish primary schools are appointing children as “LGBT champions” and are being urged to ask pupils as young as four if they are gay, lesbian or trans, The Telegraph can reveal.

Documents show that schools are setting up LGBT clubs and “gender and sexual orientation alliance groups” for pupils as part of their membership of a scheme run by the charity LGBT Youth Scotland.

The charity, which received nearly £1 million of taxpayer’s money last year, also urges head teachers to install gender neutral toilets and mark Transgender Day of Remembrance, an event critics say is designed to reinforce myths spread by trans activists.

Wait, I have an idea. Here’s what you do: just change every child’s genitalia at birth. Boom! Problem solved – no more need for boring clubs and alliance groups and charities trying to nudge people into being Gender Special, just make everyone Gender Special from the outset and then you can focus on other things at last. Think of all the free time that suddenly opens up!

Carolyn Brown, an educational psychologist, said: “Children of primary school age are very suggestible and are still at a very early stage of their psychological and emotional development. What we are seeing here is the product placement of gender ideology in schools which is potentially very harmful. Kids in primary school cannot possibly know if they are LGBT because biologically, psychologically and emotionally they will not yet have the capacity.”

Right, so just decide it for them with the progressive genitalia switch the moment they pop out.

LGBT Youth Scotland states that it has trained more than 5,000 teachers since 2021 and that its scheme means it is “reaching a minimum of 30,000 young people” and successfully changing the “culture and ethos” of Scottish schools.

Well, that would explain a lot.

Has Hamza Yousaf been sitting in on these trainings? Is that what explains him?

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