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More stupid stuff to round out the day:

Humza Yousaf has hit back at [retorted to] JK Rowling over her “ludicrous” outspoken attack on his plans to ensure biological men identifying as female are protected by a new misogyny law.

The Harry Potter author accused Mr Yousaf of displaying “absolute contempt for women” on Tuesday after he said transgender women would fall within the scope of the legislation.

He insisted that extending the law to transgender people did not diminish the protection being offered to women as he hit out at rebuked “bad faith actors” who are “intent on turning every issue into a culture war”.

Mr Yousaf also accused them of “deliberate disinformation” and argued it made no “logical sense” for Rowling to accuse a government bringing forward misogyny legislation of having no respect for women.

It makes sense because it’s an afterthought. Yousaf produced his shiny new hate crime law that ignored women and the hatred women deal with. Yes, bro, that is misogyny.

The new hate crime laws, which came into force in Scotland on Apr 1, gives protection against people “stirring up hatred” on the basis of age, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity.

However, sex was not included and Mr Yousaf has said separate misogyny legislation will be introduced instead.

Exactly. Why? Why “instead”? Why ignore women in the first one? Why include the very rare and specialized (not to say invented) “transgender idenniny” while excluding women?

Mr Yousaf took to X, formerly Twitter, to hit back at dispute Rowling’s argument that trans women should not be included in the legislation.

That’s the third time this journalist talks about hitting when he means disagreeing. It’s stupid.

The First Minister said that the legislation would deal with the perception of the accused, rather than the status of the victim.

“If a man threatens to rape a woman, he is unlikely to know if the victim is born a woman or a trans woman. That behaviour should logically be seen as misogynistic,” he added.

That’s even stupider.

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