Oh no she compared a man to a man

Shock horror as woman compares a straight white bloke to a straight white bloke.

Author JK Rowling has been accused of cruelty for mocking the world’s first openly transgender football manager, comparing her to a ‘straight, white, middle-aged bloke’. The transgender referee is the first trans manager in the top five divisions of English Women’s football.

But he’s not a trans manager, he’s a trans man. He’s a real manager. The owners wouldn’t let him be a manager if he were a trans one, they need the real thing.

In the [tweet], JK Rowling said: When I was young all the football managers were straight, white, middle aged blokes, so it’s fantastic to see how much things have changed.’ Social media users were quick to blast the author calling the author’s post ‘cruel’.

Cruel shmuel. A guy who’s brazen enough to pretend to be a woman is not going to cry himself to sleep because people know he’s a man.

Pride posted a photo of the referee with her famous pink whistle and a red card with her dark brown hair falling waves around her shoulders.

HAhahahahaha the Mail is trolling. Obvious wig is obvious.


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