He’s got a plan

The Wall Street Journal tells us that Trump’s childish blurts on Twitter are actually all part of his cunning plan.

In fact, there seem to be specific objectives behind many of Mr. Trump’s seemingly scattershot missives and comments. Often, say those who know him, he is posturing or positioning in pursuit of broader goals. He doesn’t mind roiling the waters in the process—and, as a consequence, some of what he says isn’t to be taken literally.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who speaks regularly with Mr. Trump and is developing a lecture series and book examining Trumpism, suggests the president-elect is in this regard similar to Franklin Roosevelt, who sometimes seemed to cultivate chaos in preparing the ground for his initiatives. Mr. Gingrich also predicts the style won’t change:  “My advice is to relax. It’s going to be this way for eight years.”

In other words…he’s being an asshole on purpose. Well no kidding, but he’s still being an asshole, and there are still a lot of compelling reasons to think that’s not a good thing for him to do.

He’s doing it as part of his deal-making strategy, Gerald Seib goes on. He’s doing it to set the agenda. He’s doing it to distract everyone – oh look, a squirrel.

Certainly there is danger in leaving the world unsure which messages to take literally, and in trying to handle subjects as sensitive as nuclear-weapons strategy on the fly. But it’s also likely Mr. Trump knows exactly what he is doing.

Again: no kidding, and that is not the issue. The issue is that the way he’s carrying on is degrading to the whole fucking country, and the fact that he may be doing it for reasons does nothing to change that. The casual acknowledgement followed by dismissal of the danger of tweeting about nukes is enough to demonstrate that.

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