Blood libels

Ugh, god, this is so stupid and so vicious.

President Donald Trump on Friday put a spotlight on families who lost loved ones killed by undocumented immigrants — calling them victims of “permanent separation” — as he sought to shift the attention away from his administration’s recently halted policy of separating migrant families at the border.

Some undocumented immigrants turn out to be criminals…because some percentage of any large population will turn out to be criminals. Immigrants are in fact less likely to be criminals than non-immigrants.

“You know, you hear the other side. You never hear this side. You don’t know what’s going on. These are the American citizens permanently separated from their loved ones. The word permanently being the word that you have to think about,” the president said Friday afternoon.

“They’re not separated for a day or two days. These were permanently separated because they were killed by illegal aliens. These are the families the media ignores. They don’t talk about them. Very unfair.”

NPR offers some facts:

While any death is tragic, a February 2018 study by the Cato Institute using 2015 crime statistics from Texas found immigrants in the country illegally were 25 percent less likely to be convicted of homicide than native-born Americans. (Legal immigrants were 87 percent less likely.)

According to the study, immigrants in the country illegally were also 11.5 percent less likely than native-born Americans to be convicted of sexual assault and 79 percent less likely to be convicted of larceny.

Take notes, Donald.

A separate March 2018 study in the journal Criminology looked at whether violent crime increases as the number of immigrants living illegally in a community goes up. Researchers found it does not. If anything, the opposite is true: Violent crime appears to fall when more immigrants are living in a community illegally.

Trump disputed those findings during his White House event Friday but he did not offer evidence to the contrary.

In the past, the president has exaggerated threats facing the U.S. to justify his travel ban, tough-on-crime measures and a now-folded commission on voter fraud.

In other words he has lied about such things, over and over, including after people have told him he’s talking shite.

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