Armed men order migrants to stop

Let’s find out more about these here United Constitutional Patriots.

CNN a couple of weeks ago:

They’d been keeping watch near the border for weeks, drawing little notice as they shared live videos from their desert outpost.

But after posting videos last week showing armed men wearing military fatigues detaining migrants who just crossed the border into New Mexico, a militia group known as the United Constitutional Patriots now finds itself under fire.

State authorities in New Mexico have condemned the group. The American Civil Liberties Union accuses the militia of kidnapping migrants. And now a leader of the group is facing charges of illegal weapons and ammunition possession brought by the FBI.

Hey what’s a little private army or two among friends? Especially when they’re patriots?

It’s between 12 and 20 people. Trivial, in one sense, but then again, it doesn’t take many. Timothy McVeigh got a lot done all by himself.

Videos shared on the United Constitutional Patriots New Mexico Border Ops Facebook page purport to show members of the group detaining migrants, including families with children, who have just crossed the border.

They show people often in full military fatigues, with handguns strapped to their sides, wearing gloves and black masks. Armed men order migrants to stop, force them to sit on the ground and then apparently call Border Patrol to pick them up. At least two videos posted on the group’s Facebook page depict a man in fatigues verbally identifying himself as “Border Patrol” as he stops a group of migrants.

New Mexico’s attorney general told CNN that an armed group had detained nearly 300 people near the border.

What I’m saying – it doesn’t take many. They dress up to look official and hey presto, their victims think they’re official (and wouldn’t much want to resist heavily armed men even if they’re not official).

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