This is all metaphor, no really

Meanwhile, ratcheting continues.

That’s the new Twitter header.

Does anyone else do that? Say something and sign it Dr. Important Person (2019)? I don’t think I’ve seen one like that before. And then using it to frame violent imagery of flames and a brick, muscled arms and threatening scowl, all of it directed at women…this ain’t social justice.

Note how I put my fist right up in front of your face but didn’t actually touch it.

Furthermore, “throw bricks at transphobia” is meaningless. There is no thing, transphobia, to throw bricks at. You could throw bricks at cars, or through windows, but not at “transphobia.” McKinnon is getting his jollies here by continuing his threats against women while repeating his “I’m not hitting you” taunts.

I wonder how future competitors are going to feel about racing against him. I wouldn’t ever want to be anywhere near him.

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