$36 million, or maybe $157 million

Meanwhile we mustn’t lose sight of the filthy corruption of “senior adviser” Ivanka Trump. (Her brothers are just as filthy but they don’t have pretend jobs in the White House, they don’t insert themselves into conversations among heads of state at international meetings, they don’t take Daddy’s place at the table at international meetings, they don’t have pretend jobs in the White House.)

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, earned at least $36 million in income outside their White House roles in 2019, according to financial disclosure forms released on Friday. 

The income, first reported by The Washington Post, is from the businesses, properties, and other assets owned by the couple.

“Conflicts of interest?” [giggle, simper] “What are those?”

According to the Post, the amount is about $7 million higher than their earnings in 2018, and the real amount may be as high as $157 million, as the Office for Government Ethics does not require officials to submit exact but only approximate income figures. 

Ivanka Trump closed her fashion business in 2018, a year after after taking a role in the White House. The business had been subjected to a boycott campaign when she initially refused to close it despite working in a government role. She continues to own a stake in her father’s business, the Trump Organization, and has a wide range of other assets.

According to the disclosure forms filed to the Office of Government Ethics, she received $4 million in income from the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC.   

The one that foreign officials and others seeking favors from Trump lavish money on. Massive throbbing conflict of interest.

Kushner decided earlier this year not to divest of stocks in a real estate tech start-up, Cadre, he co-founded, despite being advised by government ethics lawyers to do so, government ethics nonprofit CREW reported in July. 

The company has received $90 million in investment from foreign sources, according to The Guardian. 

“That’s unethical, Junior.”

“MmmmmmI don’t care, gonna keep it anyway.”

Filthy filthy filthy.

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