Featuring a panel of powerhouse womxn

Now you want to know what damn fool or set of fools was doing a Womxn’s Day Speaker Series, right? Well it was the Gates Foundation, blast their eyes.

We’re celebrating International Womxn’s Day by hosting the United Way’s Emerging Leaders 365 Speaker Series here at the Discovery Center, featuring a panel of powerhouse womxn who are entrepreneurs and doing incredible work to give back to our community. Moderator: Mika Yamamoto with Panelists including Laura Clise – Founder & CEO of The Intentionalist, Nourah Yonous – Founder and Executive Director at African Women Business Alliance, and Sage Ke’alohilani Quiamno – Co Founder of Future For Us. Admission is a suggested donation of $10 to United Way’s Emerging Leaders 365.

STOP CALLING WOMEN WOMXN. Stop lumping women in with people who are not women by changing the E to X. Stop it. Women are not a formless lump of matter that anyone gets to redefine just by swapping out a letter or two. The word “women” is not up for grabs any more than the words “black” or “lesbian” or “working class” or “disabled.” Knock it off.

The Gates Foundation is about a 20 minute walk from where I live. Maybe I should go down there (it’s at the bottom of the hill) and yell at them.

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