Glamorous evening on a plane

This cannot be true. The Guardian:

Diners have rushed to pay up to £360 per head to eat a meal on a stationary plane, in the latest sign of public appetite to recreate the onboard experience without travelling.

Who would do that???

Being on a plane is an absolute nightmare. The only thing that makes it just barely endurable is wanting to go where the plane is moving you*. Doing it for the sake of doing it is inconceivable.

*Actually, also the view if there is any.

Singapore Airlines launched a waiting list after tickets rapidly sold out for two weekends of sittings onboard two stationary A380 superjumbos, with meals at seats and the chance to watch a movie, albeit no longer in-flight.

Are there children behind each seat, kicking them throughout?

Guests will get a meal from the standard Singapore Airlines menu, with S$642 (£360) buying the full works in a suite – or £30 per head for the tray in economy. Frequent flyers could also cash in points towards a meal.

All tickets were snapped up in less than half an hour for the pop-up Restaurant A380, the airline told Bloomberg. About half of the 471 seats on each of the airline’s double-decker superjumbos, parked at Changi airport, were expected to be available with social distancing in place.

People are crazy.

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