Not doing it for political reasons at all

Within weeks – i.e. before the election. Definitely before the election.

Donald Trump has been on Fox & Friends this morning. Among the tidbits are that he said he had read Bob Woodward’s book Rage last night, and that it was “boring”. The book runs to some 400 pages.

Trump can barely read at all. People who can barely read read very slowly. They read one word at a time instead of a sentence or phrase at a time; it’s slow work. Being barely able to read rules out being able to skim effectively.

(By the way whatever happened to “speed reading”? Remember that? Claims of being able to read an entire page at a glance and thus read an average-length book in an hour? It never made any sense to me and still doesn’t.)

The president has promised there will be a coronavirus vaccine within “weeks”. “I’m not doing it for political reasons. I want the vaccine fast” he said.

News flash, pumpkin head: we all want the vaccine fast. You want it before the election.

Dr Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert, has said he is cautiously optimistic a vaccine will be approved by the end of the year or early next year. But Fauci has also emphasized the vaccine will likely not be widely distributed until well into 2021.

End of the year is too late. Has to be before the election. There will be announcements that a vaccine has been perfected before the election. Caputo and Alexander will issue them even if no one else will.

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