Pompeo cites the rules of decency

Pompeo thinks we don’t yet understand what a pig he is, and he wants to make sure we grasp the true depth of his piggishness.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday attacked an NPR correspondent who reported that he berated and cursed at her following questioning over Ukraine, claiming “she lied to me” and describing her actions as “shameful.”

“NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly lied to me, twice. First, last month, in setting up our interview and, then again yesterday, in agreeing to have our post-interview conversation off the record,” Pompeo said in a statement. “It is shameful that this reporter chose to violate the basic rules of journalism and decency.”

Kelly says she told them what she was going to ask about, and that she never said their post-interview “conversation” was off the record. Now which of them are ya gonna believe? Does Pompeo have a history of integrity we can turn to for help in believing his claims?


I’ll take that as a “no.”

Pompeo did not challenge the details of Kelly’s claims about his statements or demeanor during their conversation.

He said what he said and did what he did, but he’s outraged, outraged, that she reported both.

“This is another example of how unhinged the media has become in its quest to hurt President Trump and this Administration. It is no wonder that the American people distrust many in the media when they so consistently demonstrate their agenda and their absence of integrity,” Pompeo said Saturday.

Says the guy who did nothing while Trump ruined Marie Yovanovitch’s life.

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