Scariest thing

Misogyny loves Halloween.

What’s the scariest thing you can be for Halloween 2020?

A “Karen,” according to Los Angeles-based artist Jason Adcock.

Aw haw haw, so funny. It’s always a laugh-riot to see men telling us how terrifying and evil women are.

“2020 is the year of the KAREN! Scare all ur friends with ur big hair and narrow mind,” Adcock, 34, wrote on Instagram.

Hur hur

Adcock told “Good Morning America” that his idea stemmed from having a dark sense of humor.

“I’ve kind of seen Karens in the wild my whole life, and I just thought it would be kind of a funny thing to make for Halloween, and I didn’t think it would really take off,” he said. “Karen is transcendent of all gender and size. She is just like a modern day tyrant. Anybody evil can be a Karen.”

But we use a woman’s name because…you know…most tyrants and evil people are women, obvs.

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