A second 911 call

Oy. Amy Cooper made two calls to the police that day.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office filed a misdemeanor charge Wednesday against the White woman who called police on a Black man birdwatching in Central Park in May and revealed that she had made a second 911 call about the encounter.

Amy Cooper was charged in New York County Criminal Court with falsely reporting an incident in the third degree, according to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr.

The second call wasn’t to say never mind, I got rattled but nothing actually happened, I’m fine, I apologize for wasting your time. No, she went the other way.

In addition, according to the criminal complaint and as stated in court, Amy Cooper made a second, previously unreported call to police and repeated the accusation, adding that the man “tried to assault her,” the DA’s office said.

“When responding officers arrived, Ms. Cooper admitted that the male had not ‘tried to assault’ or come into contact with her,” a release from the DA’s office said.

I wonder if she’s ever heard of Emmett Till. She shouldn’t aspire to be another Carolyn Bryant.

Cooper and her attorney appeared before a judge on Wednesday morning. No plea was entered and the case was adjourned until November 17 as the prosecutor and defense work toward a possible disposition.

The prosecutor indicated they are exploring with the defense a program designed to have the defendant take responsibility for her actions but also educate her and the community on the harm caused by such actions.

It’s hard not to wonder how many such explorations happen when the defendant is not white, but at the same time if her sentence is educating the community on the harm of racism, at least that could be useful.

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