The kids are all wrong

They’re so confident, so dogmatic, so lecturey with the bullshit. The hand goes up and down, the vowels are crisp, the voice is shouty.

“This includes transgender women,” purple hoody with glasses tells us forcefully, “because they are women – being transgender does not eliminate, whatsoever, their identity as a woman.”

Well that’s us told!

But it’s bullshit. Purple hoody can gesture at us all she likes, she can over-enunciate her words all she likes, it doesn’t make the bullshit true. Yes being a transgender man does eliminate his “identity as a woman” – whatever that might be. A man is a man even if he fantasizes that he’s a woman every hour of every day. Nobody, nobody at all, is required to join him in his fantasy, or assure him that it’s true. And lesbians for damn sure don’t have to pretend that yer man really is a woman and that they would just love to have sex with him.

And then on comes orange hair and wo mama, she’s worse than purple hoody. She’s a nightmare.

“What we’re saying, is that your ‘preferences’ [finger hooks in the air here] are based in transphobic dogma that’s been spread by society for centuries.”

That sounds oddly familiar. It sounds oddly like “You don’t really prefer your own sex, you’re just confused/screwed-up/brainwashed by those confused screwed up kids you hang out with.” It sounds and is oddly and exactly like “you will let this man fuck you or else.” And it’s a woman saying it, and she’s saying it with all the venom of an angry Baptist preacher.

Via Morty.

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