So pathetic.


I think loads of people are intimidated by this new generation of people that are…somehow makin up these genders.

Oh no no no honey. Not intimidated. Bored and irritated.

People hear the words non-binary and they’re like “well that doesn’t exist, that’s not a thing” – even in the LGBT community there are people who don’t think that we are real and there’s people who think that we are attention-seekers.

Well let’s tease this apart. Yes, I am like “that doesn’t exist, that’s not a thing.” That’s because it doesn’t, and it isn’t. It’s just words. On the other hand I certainly don’t think that people who call themselves non-binary are not real – it’s the word they use to describe themselves that I think names a non-reality. People can call themselves angels, gods, flying horses; they go on being real people but what they say about themselves is fictional. And finally – yes, I think people who call themselves non-binary are attention-seekers. I think they’re declaring themselves more important than mere “binary” people.

But hey, you might grow out of it.

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