A nuance too many

Well of course they do.


Their “conceptions” of “gender” are “more nuanced” because that’s what’s available to them. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right. That question still has to be decided on the merits.

Sometimes teenagers are indeed in the vanguard in a good way: civil rights activists in the 1960s for example. Even then, though, there were plenty of teenagers on the other side, and besides that, not every vanguard is On the Right Side of History.

By “gender” Jack Turban means sex as well as gender. By “nuanced” he doesn’t mean “people can wear whatever they like” but “men are women if they say they are.” Some things shouldn’t be “nuanced” in that way. What “woman” means shouldn’t be “nuanced” in that way.

It would matter less if Jack Turban were not chief fellow in child and adolescent psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine.

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