He’s been dumped out on Florida and that’s his last trip on the big important plane yaboosucks.

As former presidents arrived at the Capitol for Joe Biden’s inauguration, Air Force One touched down in Florida.

Donald Trump did not go back to the press cabin to talk to reporters during his trip down to Florida, according to the White House pool.

Trump will be the first president in more than 150 years to not attend the inauguration ceremony of his successor. His vice-president, Mike Pence, is in attendance.

It’s great that he’s breaking precedent by sulking this way; it makes him look so wise and balanced and not at all warped by conceit and entitlement and narcissism hahahahahahaha

People were laughing.

One could almost imagine the credits rolling on a screen as Donald Trump and his family departed on Air Force One toward Florida, the morning sun gleaming down on the plane as Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” – a popular funeral song – played at Joint Base Andrews, where Trump delivered his farewell speech.

“The soundtrack that we continue to hear throughout these scenes is surreal, perhaps surreally appropriate,” noted CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on live TV as the plane could be seen preparing for takeoff, his co-anchor laughing.

You’re dead to us Donnie.

We’re resetting.

Senator Amy Klobuchar celebrated today as a new start for the country, two weeks after the Capitol was attacked by a violent mob.

“This is the day when our democracy picks itself up, brushes off the dust and does what America always does — goes forward,” the Democratic senator said.

Mind you, so does everyone else, because going backward isn’t an option, but never mind, it’s over it’s over it’s over. In 16 minutes.

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