“Are you a woman or gender variant?”

I beg your pardon? Why are those my options? Do you ask everyone that?

It’s the Green Party.

The British Green Party says in an email sent to its members that anyone who “identifies” as woman or “other gender variant” is eligible to vote in the next Women Committee Election, party members have said.

So men are the normal and women are the weirdo variant along with other weirdo variants?

On December 6, members of the Green Party received an email about registering to vote in the 2021/22 Green Party Women Committee Election.

“Check that you’re eligible to vote: You are eligible to vote in the Green Party Women committee elections if you are a member of the Green Party of England and Wales and also identify as a woman or gender variant.”

You can’t just identify as a member of the Party, but you can just identify as a woman (or “gender variant” whatever tf that means). Being one sex or the other is all in the mind, but being a party member, that is solid.

But if you don’t sign up you can’t get the constitution changed (repaired) so…

Hand me my boots, I’m going gender variant.

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