Extremist transgender advocate seeks more attention

This was carefully timed.

To understand the careful timing we have to go back to June, and a post by Women Are Human dated June 10:

Airdrie, Scotland. A 50-year-old mother-of-two has been charged with a hate crime after an extremist transgender advocate reported her to police for retweeting a photograph of green, white and violet women’s suffrage ribbons.

Police Scotland confirmed that Marion Millar, an accountant, business owner and gender-critical feminist campaigner, was arrested. Ms Millar, who has since been released on bail, is accused of posting six tweets in 2019 that run afoul of the Communications Act 2003.

The women’s suffrage ribbon, which was tied to a chain-link fence in front of a tree outside the Glasgow studio where a BBC soap opera is shot, appears to be a central focus of the police investigation.

The BBC soap is the one that employs David Paisley.

The complaint is rumored to have been filed by David Paisley, an aged 42, heavily muscled, tattooed actor who stars as Rory Murdoch on the Glasgow soap River City. There is no official confirmation that Mr Paisley filed the complaint.

The complainant purportedly told police that the bow of ribbons shared by Ms Millar represented a hangman’s noose, putting the complainant in fear of his life as a transgender advocate who is also a gay man.

The C-list entertainer tweeted that he has fled his home and is in hiding. He claimed that police have “put my home on rapid response,” and that he is in contact with a local victim and mental health support team.

Now he’s tragically leaving Scotland altogether and it’s all the fault of those horrible witchy women.

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