Hint hint

The sly way they distort the reporting on this…

Headline: J.K. Rowling Responds to Pipebomb Death Threat, Hits Out at Trans Activists

No she doesn’t “hit out” – she tweets words. See also: the American Booksellers Association claiming to have committed “violence” by including a gender critical book in a promotion.

Ryan Smith writes:

J. K. Rowling has hit out at a Twitter user on Monday, after she was sent a “pipebomb” threat amid a series of attacks over her previous statements about trans women.

She didn’t “hit out” at anyone.

The Harry Potter author shared a screenshot of the offending tweet, which was directed at her on Sunday, as she slammed the efforts of some trans activists to get her “cancelled.”

Always choose the violent metaphor.

On Sunday, Rowling hit back at another Twitter user, who accused the star of ignoring “porn tweeted at children” in her posts.

She didn’t hit back. She hasn’t hit anyone, she hasn’t physically slammed anyone. She also, by the way, hasn’t tweeted any physical threats at anyone, which is more than the pro-magic-gender side can claim.

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