On one level it’s obvious enough: it’s a big fuck you to everyone who doesn’t want to live in a weaponized social world.

Ok, noted, message received, but going beyond that – it’s a very odd piece of iconography. The massive guns don’t harmonize well with the big cheery grins. What are those people so happy about? They’re apparently at war with someone (or perhaps everyone), and that’s not a situation that generally causes people to sit down wreathed in smiles to get a photo taken.

What are all these guns for? Besides “fuck you”? Rep Thomas Massie is a Rep, i.e. a member of the House of Representatives, for a district in Kentucky. Does that translate to needing all those guns? Are his constituents trying to kill him and his family? (I’m assuming the other people in the photo are his family.) Is that why they have all that firepower?

Or is it the other way around? Has Thomas Massie declared war on the people in his district, or in Kentucky, or in the US?

Many wags are pointing out that he might as well have posed them all with giant dildos instead.

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