Serious questions

The Beeb:

Marion Millar faces homophobic and transphobic charges

Do journalists/headline writers get no training these days? They don’t mean the charges were “homophobic and transphobic” but that’s what they said.

A feminist activist has appeared in court accused of sending homophobic and transphobic tweets.

Marion Millar, 50, allegedly behaved in a threatening or abusive manner between October and June within the Glasgow area and in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire.

Prosecutors state she repeatedly posted content on social media that was of a “homophobic and transphobic nature”.


Joanna Cherry told the court why she wanted “to continue without a plea”:

“The first is practical. Miss Millar only saw the complaint, with charges from the Crown, 10 minutes prior (to this hearing).”

“The second is that the communication charges are not compatible with guidelines, so it’s not appropriate to plead with.

“The third is it raised serious questions about Miss Millar’s European human rights.”

We have a human right to say that men are not women and that we have the right to say so.

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