Still extremely yikes

Laurie Penny had a brief moment of partial spine and said in a tweet that the bullying of Kathleen Stock was a little over the top. Then she deleted the tweet.

She left a reply up though.

Do tell feminist women they’re wrong wrong wrong but don’t use smoke flairs and giant signs.

No mention of women being harmed of course.

She doesn’t bother to remove Kathleen from these conversations, which would have been a touch more thoughtful than sending her yet more abuse via the furious replies.

The bit where she takes it back:

So she reflects, and reverts to joining the team in bullying Kathleen some more. At the behest of one of the bullies.

Then tweet after tweet after tweet, most of them also going to Kathleen, in which Laurie Penny apologizes and withdraws it all and apologizes some more. It’s contemptible.

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