The talk of the world

There’s a story going around that Trump was supposed to be “reinstated” today. Cool word choice: it suggests that he was uninstated illegitimately when in fact this time he lost the electoral vote along with the popular (aka actual) vote.

“The morning of August 13 it’ll be the talk of the world,” Mike Lindell, the MyPillow impresario and purveyor of discredited conspiracy theories about a stolen presidential election, warned during a recent appearance on a conservative podcast. Lindell, who is being sued for billions in damages by Dominion, a maker of voting machines that the right-wing bedding entrepreneur has called fraudulent, promised a day of reckoning, when the “Communists” would be kicked out of power and Donald Trump would rightly reassume his place in the Oval Office. Trump, himself no stranger to barely intelligible theories of political change, was reportedly a believer, telling underlings that he would somehow be reinstated as president in August.

He could always draw himself in with a Sharpie.

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