You’re STILL talking about that?

Ok get over it already.

As a violent mob pushed past barricades protecting the U.S. Capitol, then dragged, beat and bludgeoned police officers before roaming the halls with abandon on Jan. 6, former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice watched and wept. The emotions, she said, were similar to those she felt on Sept. 11, 2001.

“I thought: ‘I study countries that do this. I didn’t think it would happen in my own country,’ ” Rice, a Republican who teaches political science at Stanford University, said Wednesday on ABC’s “The View.”

In her own country and with the tacit consent of her own political party. It wasn’t a national insurrection, it was a specific, partisan, one-sided, right-wing insurrection. Most of the country is appalled and disgusted by it, and wants to prevent it from ever happening again. We’re funny that way.

The assault on democratic processes that day, as protesters sought to interrupt the certification of the presidential election, “was wrong,” Rice acknowledged — but she qualified that it’s time for lawmakers to “move on.”

It is? Why? Have they done enough to make sure it will never happen again? Have they done enough to ensure it won’t happen again in three years? No and no, so why is it time for them to move on? Why is it time for any of us to move on?

The former White House official’s comments were a response in agreement to remarks Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) gave on Tuesday. McConnell told reporters it was time for lawmakers “to be talking about the future and not the past,” referring to the discussion about false claims of election fraud pushed by Trump and his allies, which ultimately led supporters to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6. McConnell said the issue should no longer be of concern.

He’d be saying exactly the same thing if it were Democrats who had attempted to overthrow an election and seize power by slaughtering half the Congress, right?

Rice, who served as secretary of state in the George W. Bush administration from 2005 to 2009, said she agreed with McConnell. She added that it’s time for lawmakers to “move on in a lot of ways” and focus on issues affecting U.S. citizens.

Oooh, oooh, you know something that affects US citizens? A right-wing coup that installs a dictator and does away with all our rights, that’s what. Making Donald Trump that dictator, that’s what. Joining the glorious company of Putin and Bolsonaro and Lukashenko, that’s what.

“I’m one who believes that the American people are now concerned about what we call ‘kitchen table issues’ — the price of gasoline, inflation, what’s happening to kids in school,” Rice said.

Also the empty shelf space where Oreos should be, and that pothole on Reagan Boulevard, and the fact that it’s raining. Real problems that affect real people. An insurrection to install a deranged corrupt dictator is just egghead abstract pie in the sky stuff.

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